Coach William plays a huge role in where I have come in my goalkeeping career. He coached me when I was younger and helped structure the entirety of my technique to this day. I would not have any of the accolades I have accomplished without his guidance. He is the best goalkeeping coach I have had and he builds great relationships between himself and the players he coach's because he cares about each individual and will do whatever it takes to help them get better.

Chase Vosvick
Professional Goalkeeper for Loyola University

Training with William has been a great pathway for me to develop many different aspects of my game. Not only did William train the physical aspects of being a goalkeeper, but he also helped me with the mental side of understanding the position. William also brings a humor aspect that many goalkeeper trainers do not which makes training fun as well.

Ryan Miller
Goalkeeper Salisbury University

William is an enthusiastic coach, mentor and friend. During my time in Baltimore, he was always there for me. His ways of coaching are meant to challenge but are most importantly enjoyable. He would always try to make it out to training despite playing professionally, coaching at Johns Hopkins, running goalkeeper clinics, and volunteering in the community. His understanding of what it takes to be a goalkeeper is second to none. William was a big help getting me through the high school and setting me up for the future.

Kieran Baskett
High School, freshman at William & Mary College

Coach Vanzela definitely plays a huge role in taking my soccer career to the next level. I would not be playing soccer professionally today without his guidance for 3 years at Hopkins. He really has a huge passion in soccer, especially coaching keepers and helping then grow as a soccer player. His hard work and dedication are evident in each training session. More importantly, he constantly pushes and motivates his goalkeepers to be the best they can be.

Johns Hopkins All America Keeper, Pro Player at PDRM FA

William played an instrumental role in my youth development as a goalkeeper. I always looked forward to working with him because of his specificity to detail. He has a plethora of experience as a player/coach that can be beneficial to any goalkeeper. No matter what your experience or aspirations are, William will expand your understanding of the modern game.

Colin Miller
Professional Soccer Player at Loudon United FC

I cannot say enough great things about William Vanzela. Champion on the field but most importantly a true man of character off!

Coach Tozer
President, Wisconsin Sports Group, Commissioner for Professional Futsal League, Technical Director at U.S. Youth Futsal

I have been in coaching for 27 years and William is the best at developing keepers way beyond what they believe they can achieve for themselves. He has made quick fixes, as well as, long term growth with our guys. Our program is truly fortunate to have had William involved with it!"

Crag Applebee
Johns Hopkins Men’s Head Coach

For the past few years, my now 14-year-old son Quinn has been training with William, and I can’t express how much we have seen Quinn grow and develop. William has a passionate way of inspiring and motivating the talent, commitment and fearlessness in my son. William’s ability to observe and understand a keeper’s strengths and opportunities, and then to design a training plan specific to taking those opportunities and turning them into incredible skills – amazing. Any opportunity we can get to involve Quinn in one of William’s clinics or one-on-one training sessions, we are all over it!

Stephanie Smith
Goalkeeper Parent

My son has been trained by Coach William in camps, group and private sessions for several years and the quality of training is second to none. William’s attention to detail and focus at each session is a major part to my son’s development as a goalkeeper. William is a great example to my son both on and off the field. William takes the time to explain the mindset and the hard work it takes to play at the top level. As parents of a goalkeeper, we are extremely lucky to have access to such an exceptional coach and mentor.

Sam Perrera
Goalkeeper Parent

We found William when my son was in 3rd grade - he is now applying to college - it was a blessing to find somebody that can teach my son everything he needs to know about being a high level goalie in the game of soccer and making it fun and enjoyable at the same time. William has taken my son and molded him into not only a great goalie but also a great young man on the field and off. I would highly recommend William to anyone that is serious about having their son or daughter learn from the best goalie coach throughout our region.

Crag Smith
Goalkeeper Parent